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You can download our brochure for the detailed information about our UPS products.

   Online UPS 1-80KVA ( 480KVA after Paralleling)
Sigma 1-3K
Sigma Rackmount 1-6K
Centrio LCD 1-3K
Centrio DSP 6-20K
Centrio Plus 6-20K
Centrio 3C3 20-80K
   Line interactive UPS & Offline UPS
Braver LED/ LCD 600-800VA
Braver Pro 1-2K
Q+ Plug 400-600va
Econ600-800VA(Coming soon…)
InverMax LED/LCD 500VA-2000VA
InverMax 3K/5K
   Solar Charger controller
SolarPower 40A
   Battery Charger
Charger 40A
Super charger 96v/192v

    Winpower-XP is a brand new UPS monitoring software, which provides user-friendly interface to monitor
    and control your UPS.

Winpower XP For Sigma 1-6K Series
Winpower-XP for STRONG 1-10K Series
Winpower-XP for Centrio 1-3K Series
Winpower-XP for Centrio DSP 6-20K Series
Winpower-XP for Centrio Plus 6-20K Series
Winpower-XP for Centrio 3C3 20-80K Series
Winpower-XP for Braver LED/LCD Series
Winpower-XP for Braver PRO 1-2K Series
Monitoring Software for SNMP Card


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    Our contact Information:  market@heliortec.com
    Russian Branch:  maryushkin@heliortec.com
    Italian Branch:  Rosella@heliortec.com
    Indonesia Branch:  alexander@heliortec.com

    Domestic Office国内办事处:
    河南办事处   马青军  18638023597
    北京办事处   周伟斌  13701237338
    贵州办事处   姚俊领  18786661121